CSU: anger at Söder's health concept

Health policy: anger through Söder's reform concept.

The Bavarian Minister of Health Markus Söder (CSU) presented his own health concept without a lump sum for the head but with more additional contributions and thus caused anger at his own party. The Söder concept does not include a lump sum per head, but the additional contributions previously limited to a maximum of one percent of gross income for members of the statutory health insurance funds would increase. Because 10 percent of the expenses should be borne by the members of the health insurance fund alone. Half of the remaining 90 percent would be borne by employees and employers.

Söder opposes resistance from his own ranks. However, the criticism is less about the content and more about the fact that Söder went public without consulting his suggestions. A paper similar to Söder's had already been presented by the CSU after the Bundestag election.

The CSU patient representative, Wolfgang Zöller, seems to be particularly angry about going it alone. He even spoke of being “fed up” and accused Söder of “self-expression”. It is delicate that Söder presents his proposals at a time when it is clear that the government commission will meet on April 13 in preparation for the health care reform. The CDU and FDP also reject the concept. Their criticism is more substantive and due to the fact that they prefer an income-based model.

Söder's proposals have no obvious advantages for health insurers and it is not clear whether the current rushing is not just for partisan tactical reasons. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy, 03/23/2010)

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