Health insurance: severe cuts expected

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Survey among health insurers: severe cuts expected.
(May 14, 2010) Private health insurers feel well insured, according to a survey by the Association of Private Health Insurance (PKV). 89 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with their health insurance. Among those insured with private health insurance, 94 percent are even satisfied with their insurance. 44 percent of all respondents believe that they are well insured with a private health insurance even in the event of illness. Only 18 percent believe that they are better covered by statutory health insurance (GKV). The PKV association had commissioned the survey from the polling institute Emnid.

Probably due to the current debate about billions deficits in SHI insurance, 56 percent of statutory and 35 percent of private health insurers fear major reductions in health insurance benefits. 58 percent believe that health insurance companies are facing serious financial problems. However, only 35 percent expect benefits to be reduced at the PKV. Four out of ten respondents to the SHI insured consider the annual tax subsidy for SHI insurance to be incorrect. For the privately insured, the tax subsidy is even less right in the health fund. Six out of ten of the PKV insured find the subsidy wrong.

Due to the rising costs in the healthcare sector, PKV association leader Dr. Volker Leienbach far-reaching austerity measures that should also benefit the private health insurance. "We are vigorously pushing for private health insurance companies to finally get effective leverage to initiate sensible negotiations with doctors and pharmaceutical companies, for example, about quality and the resulting quantities and prices," said Leienbach at the presentation of the survey results. A legal framework for a negotiation mandate at all levels is necessary.

In the meantime, the Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler (FDP) has announced that he will stick to the head allowance for the GKV insurance companies. On May 20, key points are to be presented by the Ministry of Health. With the lump sum per head, all insured persons should pay the same contribution regardless of income. Critics point out that the introduction of a head allowance is anti-social and the principle of solidarity is overridden. It is also feared that health insurance will then only offer basic care, and all other benefits will then be privately insured. Before the NRW election it was quiet about the head allowance, now the election campaign is over. (sb)

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