Wellie cheese contaminated with EHEC bacteria

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All cheese types from the Wellie brand are said to be contaminated with EHEC bacteria. The consumer ministry warns against the consumption of the cheeses.

(02.06.2010) All cheese types from Hofkäserei Wellie are said to be contaminated with EHEC bacteria, for this reason the Federal Ministry of Consumers warns all consumers against consumption. EHEC bacteria (enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli) can cause severe diarrhea in humans and even dangerous kidney damage. The Wellie Hofkäserei has now responded and recalled all cheese products from the trade.

As the North Rhine-Westphalian consumer ministry announced, Wellie cheeses are said to be contaminated with the Coli bacteria "EHEC". All types of cheese and all manufacturer's best-before dates are affected. Those who become infected with these bacteria may suffer from diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever. In individual cases, a hemolytic-uremic syndrome can even be caused. This can also damage the kidneys in the long term. Other subsequent complications such as cerebral haemorrhage, neurological disorders and damage to the pancreas and heart can in rare cases occur as secondary diseases.

Those affected who have already eaten the cheese should consult a doctor immediately if they experience symptoms and drink plenty of water. The cheese can be recognized by the brand name on the packaging and the label "NW 10104". If you have already bought the cheese, it should not be eaten. Wellie cheese can be returned at retail outlets, the costs are usually reimbursed.

The Wellie Hofkäserei has meanwhile responded immediately and recalled all cheese products from the market. The company cites a technical defect in the new heating system as the reason for the contamination. Wellie cheese cannot be bought in the supermarket as usual, but it is almost exclusively sold in small shops. Therefore, ask your cheese specialist whether it is the "Wellie" brand before you buy the cheese. (sb)

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