Fall on the bicycle handlebar injured organs

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A fall on the bicycle handlebar can seriously injure organs: parents should definitely see a doctor with their child after an accident.

Typical accidents for children include falling on the handlebars of bicycles, scooters or a collision with objects in traffic. Such accidents can lead to serious injuries within the abdominal regions and body cavities. For this reason, parents should not hesitate long and introduce their child to the doctor after such an accident. Because the consequences are not always immediately recognizable and only become apparent much later, for example, from severe abdominal pain, as the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) in Cologne announced.

Children are still inexperienced in many areas and therefore take higher risks. There are always serious accidents. A typical accident is falling on and over the bicycle handlebar. If such an accident has occurred, it is advisable to consult a doctor. "Even if a child initially shows no complaints, parents should always have such accidents clarified," advises Ulrich Fegeler from the professional association of pediatricians. It could even make sense to have the injured child monitored in a hospital, as the association spokesman emphasizes. Because a bruise could form in an organ that only bursts after a few hours and leads to tears in the organ capsules. This can result in internal bleeding in the abdominal cavity. This time delay causes acute abdominal pain caused by bruises and injuries to the internal organs much later. Any kind of violent impact from horse's hoofs, kicks, falls from a higher height, such as from a bouncy castle, or similar accidents can severely injure the organs in the abdomen. Possible organs that can be affected are the stomach, the spleen, the testicles, the small intestine and the urinary tract. If the organs are injured, surgery may result.

Abdominal injury does not always have to be the result of an accident. However, such an injury occurs in around 2 to 5 percent of child accidents. Around 90 percent were caused by "blunt violence". Accidents on the road, sports accidents and injuries while playing are the most common causes. "The upper abdominal organs in children take up more space in relation to body size than in adults," explains Fegeler. The distance between the organs and the abdominal wall is much smaller, since mostly not enough muscles and fat have been formed. "This means that collisions with objects can cause damage more quickly," explains the expert.

In order to reduce the serious consequences of a child's accident, the handlebars of children's bicycles should have a large diameter. In addition, the handlebar fork and the handle ends should have sensible crumple zones. This can alleviate a possible impact and distribute the pressure. (sb, October 14, 2010)

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