Ban on dangerous cleaning agents

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Turkish cleaning agents banned by the Federal Environment Agency: cleaning agents too caustic and hazardous to health.

The cleaning agent "Por Çöz" was banned by the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) after consultation with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). For the first time, the UBA has made use of a regulation in the Detergent and Cleaning Act that enables such a ban due to proven risks to the environment or health.

Contained nitric acid serious health risk The prohibited cleaning agent represents a serious health risk because at least 20 percent nitric acid is contained, according to the UBA's justification for the current ban. UBA President Jochen Flachsbarth emphasized that “this is the first time that the Federal Environment Agency (...) has made use of a regulation in the Detergent and Cleaning Act.

The law provides for a provisional ban on washing and cleaning products if they can be shown to pose a risk to the environment or health ". However, the current ban has so far only been provisional and will apply until the European Commission makes a final decision, the expert added. BfR's statement was preceded by a BfR statement that special cleaners with a nitric acid content of over 20 percent pose a disproportionately high health risk, said BfR President, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hensel, which the UBA had endorsed and given the current ban. "In view of the significant health risks of the product, I expressly support the UBA's approach. It seems to me that it is imperative to protect consumers nationwide from this dangerous product," commented Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen on the current steps Cleaning products containing nitric acid can cause harmful concentrations of nitric acid and nitrous gases to form in the indoor air, which according to BfR model calculations can cause serious health problems.

134 cases with serious damage to health The German Poison Information Center has already reported 134 cases of serious damage to health caused by limescale and rust solvents containing nitric acid. The cleaning agent "Por Çöz" was previously mainly available in Turkish supermarkets or from dealers with Turkish products. On the occasion of the current ban, the UBA has informed the federal states responsible for surveillance and called on them to tighten controls in order to enforce the ban on importers and dealers. In addition, the EU Commission and the other EU member states have been informed so that appropriate measures can also be initiated at EU level. UBA and BfR warned that even if used properly, household use can lead to inhalation of toxic vapors and thus life-threatening situations. (fp, 29.10.2010)

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