Children's health: play outside in autumn too

Danger of a cold? Children should be allowed to play outside: rain and mud are no reason for children and parents to stay in the apartment. Fresh air is good for your health.

Autumn is here and numerous autumn diseases threaten. Low temperatures, rain and fog spoil outdoor fun in many places. However, this is no reason to spend the days with the children watching TV or playing video games. The Siemens company health insurance company SBK provides tips on how children can enjoy bad weather with their parents and still stay healthy.

Fresh air is good for your health
Fresh air is essential for good health. With increasingly autumnal weather, many parents fear that their children may catch a cold if they spend a lot of time outdoors. There's nothing wrong with snuggling up on the sofa in wet and cold weather. But outdoor activities should also be regularly scheduled in autumn and winter. Because staying in the fresh air strengthens the immune system. The immune system is stimulated and strengthened by the alternation of high and low temperatures. Well advised is who does not dress their children too warm despite the autumn weather. Clothes that are too thick are often the real reason for colds, since children give in to their natural urge to move, run and run a lot and sweat as a result. It is best to dress children according to the onion principle - several layers on top of each other that can be removed if necessary. Parents should also make sure that the clothes keep warm and dry and also offer a good heat exchange, but still allow enough freedom of movement and not restrict. Clothes that have become damp should be changed immediately.

As a rule, children are hard to brake in the wild. But even small couch stools can easily be lured to your door in autumn. Because there is a lot to discover and experience: leaves in all imaginable colors, chestnuts, acorns and beechnuts, which can be collected and later used for playing and tinkering. Mown fields and meadows offer plenty of space for romping or kite flying, migratory birds can be observed as they gather to begin their long journey south.

Warm drinks are enough to warm up and make sure you have a healthy diet
To warm up after a day in the cool autumn air, hot tea, cocoa or the bathtub are ideal. "In cold weather and lots of exercise, children have an increased calorie requirement, which can also be covered with a cup of hot cocoa," says Elisabeth Lenz-Hieber, nutrition expert at the SBK. "In general, parents should of course always ensure that their children’ s diet is as healthy and balanced as possible. But especially in the cold season, a supply of healthy food, such as fruit, vegetables and nuts, is particularly important. " (SBK, Sb)

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