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The AOK Baden-Württemberg does not want to collect any additional contributions in the coming year either.

The General Local Health Insurance Fund AOK Baden-Württemberg does not want to demand any additional contribution from its insured in 2011 either. According to its own statements, the health insurance company was able to attract new members and thus achieved financial stability. So an additional contribution for the coming years can already be excluded.

They want to pass the good economic situation on to the insured, said the CEO of the cash register, Dr. Rolf Hoberg at an event in Heidenheim. Economic stability was achieved through new members. AOK Baden-Württemberg currently insures around 3.7 million people and pays around 11 billion euros a year in benefits in health and nursing care insurance.

Additional contributions are frowned upon by the health insurance companies themselves. Experience has shown that such additional contributions encourage insured persons to switch. The AOK is likely to have benefited greatly from the “willing to change”. In addition to the AOK Baden-Württemberg, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) also excludes an additional contribution for 2011. From the turn of the year, the statutory health insurance companies can determine the amount of the additional contributions themselves as part of the health care reform. (sb, Nov 27, 2010)

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