Naturopathic petition in the Bundestag

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Naturopathic treatment: Petition in the Bundestag.

Until December 15th there is still the possibility to co-sign petition 14388, which advocates the equality of naturopathy and conventional medicine. The main petitioner is Dr. Holger Liège, the state director and board representative for Bavaria of the German Democratic Party (ddp). Liège claims to be a university teacher and psychological yoga therapist.

The petition calls, among other things, for the German Bundestag to decide that all effective naturopathic procedures are reimbursable to health insurers and that university courses in various procedures such as Ayurveda, homeopathy or traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) are possible. In addition, funds are to be made available for further research in the field of naturopathy.

The petition's text criticizes the fact that many naturopathic treatments are not reimbursed for members of the statutory health insurance funds and therefore they could not decide for themselves what their contributions would be used for. This is seen in the text as "a protectionist measure that unilaterally benefits doctors in conventional medicine".

A Essen study that went over six years and was carried out by the physician for natural medicine Dr. K.-P. Schlebusch was supposed to have shown that naturopathic treatments are "above average successful". For example, in cases of asthma, painful illnesses, chronic exhaustion and susceptibility to infection, the Sudie is said to have provided 500 chronically ill people with evidence that a cost reduction of almost half of the current costs is possible.

So far, almost 20,000 votes have been received. With 50,000 votes, the petition would be relevant for the Bundestag. If you want to participate, you can sign here. However, registration is required for this. (tf, 12/15/2010)

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