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Homeopathy consultation for pharmacists planned at the German Homeopathy Congress

On Thursday, 2nd This deals with topics that are particularly important for the everyday work of pharmacists. It starts with an introduction to homeopathy. Two homeopathic doctors talk about "The great power of small balls" and explain which remedies belong in a homeopathic first-aid kit and for which indications these medicines are used.

After participating in the first two lectures in the open lecture series, it becomes even more professional. Angelika Gutge-Wickert (pharmacist, doctor) and Dr. mediate in a lively seminar with many role-playing games around the possibilities of homeopathic advice in hand sales. Günter Heck (internist) Knowledge about treatment approaches for acute illnesses in contrast to chronic, about proven indications and their limits as well as about involuntary drug tests when the medication is given too long or too often. Other topics include the DZVhÄ's direct homeopathy contracts, in which around 3,000 pharmacists are already participating, the additional title of homeopathy and naturopathic treatments and the expansion of homeopathic counseling skills. Afterwards there is a sales seminar with the pharmacist Brita Gudjons, owner of the company Homeopathic Laboratory Gudjons.

The annual homeopathy congress of the DZVhÄ is the culmination of medical homeopathy training and a meeting point for everyone who deals with the topic of homeopathy. Around 600 participants from numerous European countries come to the German Homeopathy Congress every year, which this year takes place under the motto "Homeopathy without limits? Border experiences of medical homeopathy in science and practice" at the Eurogress in Aachen. (pm)

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