Health insurance company DAK generated surplus

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Health insurance company DAK generated a surplus in the first quarter

The financial situation of the German employee health insurance DAK developed according to own statements. The statutory health insurance fund generated a surplus of around 188 million euros in the first quarter of 2011. In 2010, the DAK had already generated an operating surplus of around 60 million euros.

"Our household development is going exactly according to plan", DAK boss Herbert Rebscher comments the figures. "At the end of the year we expect a surplus of at least 200 million euros". Parallel to the positive financial development, the DAK repeated its great success in the comparison test of 90 health insurance companies: In the new health insurance company from Focus Money, the DAK was again the test winner this year, as it was in 2010. The DAK offers the best services for five of eight analyzed customer groups . The DAK is at the forefront of the customer types "families", "young professionals", "career-oriented singles", "seniors" and "active older people". No other nationwide cash register was able to score first place in so many customer groups. “Our quality is no accident. This renewed award shows how constant the DAK stands for quality and service, ”says Rebscher, evaluating the latest results. (pm)

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