Obesity reduces sperm quality

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Obesity apparently reduces sperm quality in men

According to a study by the French Eylau-Unilabs laboratory in Paris, sperm quality decreases as a result of body fat gain. The higher the total weight, the lower the quality of the sperm cells.

Obese men seem to have a greater tendency to infertility than previously thought. At the international fertility conference in Stockholm, medical researchers presented a study that demonstrated that the quality of sperm decreased the higher a man's body weight was. In order to establish this context, the scientists evaluated the samples from around 2,000 adult men. According to the researchers, there has never been such a high number of subjects in this connection. This makes the study the most extensive in his field to date. Previous studies on the subject could establish a connection in women in terms of fertility and weight. An older study also pointed in the same direction.

Paul Cohen-Bacrie reported at the conference that the increase in body weight not only produces fewer sperm cells, but they are also slower and more short-lived. The researchers suspect that being overweight disrupts the body's hormonal system. According to this, overweight men have an average of ten percent fewer sperm cells. If you suffer from obesity, it is even a good 20 percent less. As a measure of obesity, doctors used the so-called Body Mass Index (BMI), which relates a person's body weight to his height.

A 2004 study by the University of Southern Denmark came to a similar conclusion. The body weight and sperm consistency were also checked there. Overweight people had a 24 percent lower spermidine concentration than normal people. If the men reduced their body weight, the quality improved. Around 1,500 men from Amsterdam and Aalborg took part in this study. (sb)

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