Avoid stretch marks with nutrition

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Avoid stretch marks with diet and exercise

A healthy diet and plenty of exercise can reduce the risk of stretch marks. This was explained by the chairman of the professional association of gynecologists in Germany (BVF) in Munich. A too rapid increase in weight should be avoided during the course of pregnancy, but without following a diet. In this way, the risk of developing so-called stretch marks on the skin can be reduced. “The skin can only partially compensate for a rapid increase in body volume. In addition, skin elasticity is reduced by hormonal influences during pregnancy, said the deputy chair of the gynecological association, Dr. med. Klaus König.

If the connective tissue is overstretched, fiber tears and scarring can occur in the subcutaneous fatty tissue. This can lead to the stretch marks feared by women, added the doctor. Women who have a connective tissue weakness by nature are particularly prone to streaking the skin. Stretch marks do not only occur during pregnancy, but can also occur during a growth phase or develop through weight training. Men are also affected by this phenomenon. Women who have a medium or large breast can avoid a "sagging breast" by wearing a sports bra in case of exertion and thus prevent overstretching.

Alternating showers, exercise and a healthy diet In addition to exercise, a healthy diet is essential. Fruit, vegetables, salad, fish and chicken in particular should be on the menu. A balanced diet and a sporty lifestyle can at least positively influence the elasticity of the skin. “You can prevent within limits with gymnastics, alternating showers and plucking and kneading massages. However, this should already start in early pregnancy, "emphasized the Vice President, who runs his own gynecological practice in Steinbach im Taunus. The abdomen can also be carefully" plucked ". However, a massage should never be used. Specialized products are on the market Oils available that facilitate and support the massage.

Stretch marks on the abdomen and hips During pregnancy, skin changes occur in particular on the abdomen, hips, thighs and breasts, which are considered by most women to be “unsightly”. As the skin pulls apart and becomes thinner, the blood vessels appear transparent. For this reason, they are initially reddish and sometimes bluish in color. When the child is born and the pregnancy is over, the stripes usually recede partially. However, every third woman can expect stretch marks. However, the stripes are by no means a health problem. However, many women suffer from skin streaks due to the aesthetics. (sb)

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