A lot of unhealthy sugar in iced tea

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Lots of sugar in iced tea: Better make healthy iced tea yourself

The Saxony Consumer Center warns of the high sugar content in iced tea. However, parents could mix the iced tea themselves and thus “defuse” them.

Iced tea is not a thirst quencher Because of its high sugar content, iced tea is not a thirst quencher, but rather a high-calorie candy, reports the Consumer Center Saxony. Traditionally, iced tea is made from a blend of black tea, lemon juice and sugar.
The varieties available in the supermarket often contain flavorings and a lot of sugar. The Saxony Consumer Advice Center advises parents to mix the tea themselves. For this, 750 milliliters of mint tea can be mixed with 250 milliliters of apple juice and decorated with lemon slices and mint leaves. Generally, juices are good for sweetening iced tea.

Seeing iced tea as a candy Iced tea does not have to be banned in principle, but parents should consider iced tea as a candy and watch how much of it their children consume. The consumer advice center advises that children between four and six years old should not consume more than 150 calories from sugar and fat every day.

Iced tea can damage teeth Because bought iced teas contain a lot of sugar and often also citric acid (E330), dentists warn of excessive consumption. Citric acid can greatly reduce the pH of the saliva in the mouth. In addition, scientists at the University of Zurich found that if they were consumed excessively without rinsing, minerals could be removed from their teeth and this, together with the sugar, could cause tooth damage. (sb)

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