Techniker Krankenkasse pays naturopathy funds

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Techniker Krankenkasse wants to finance medicines from alternative medicine

From January 1, 2012, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) also wants to cover the costs of medicines from the alternative medical field, which are not subject to prescription but do not require a pharmacy. These include medicinal products from homeopathy, phytotherapy (herbal medicine) and anthroposophy. The statutory TC would thus be a pioneer in terms of naturopathy, others could follow the positive example.

Insureds can have their costs reimbursed. The new Health Care Structure Act gives health insurance companies the option of offering certain medicinal products that do not require a prescription but are subject to a pharmacy as so-called statutory benefits. After a board meeting, the Techniker Krankenkasse decided to cover the costs of these medicinal products from the areas of homeopathy, phytotherapy and anthroposophy for those with statutory health insurance.

Dieter F. Märtens, alternating chairman of the TK board of directors, said: "With the entry into force of the GKV pension structure law at the beginning of next year, the health insurers will be able to offer their insured persons additional benefits other health insurers. "

How does the new regulation work? Insured persons continue to pay for their medication in the pharmacy. Before this, you can have your doctor issue a private prescription or a so-called green prescription. Submit this together with the pharmacy receipt to the Techniker Krankenkasse to have the costs reimbursed. The costs are fully covered up to a maximum of EUR 100 per insured person and calendar year.

The regulations for children up to the age of 12 and for teenagers with developmental disorders up to the age of 18 will not be changed. The regulations for drugs for the treatment of serious illnesses according to the so-called exception list of the Federal Joint Committee also remain unaffected.

The Federal Insurance Office is the responsible supervisory authority and still has to approve the supplementary benefits of the TK statutes. Furthermore, the cost of medicines that have been excluded from the health insurers' catalog of services by law or by the Federal Joint Committee, such as appetite suppressants, may not be borne. (ag)

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