Retailers are supposed to stop selling the e-cigarette

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Health authorities: Dealers should stop selling the e-cigarette

According to the decree of the Ministry of Health in mid-December 2011, nicotine-containing liquids for e-cigarettes are among the functional medicinal products, which must be approved by the competent higher federal authority. No such approval has been received to date. Offering and selling nicotine-containing liquids are still prohibited by law. An Oberhausen medical officer urges the retailers to stop selling the liquids for e-cigarettes.

Health department Oberhausen no longer wants to tolerate violation of law The health department Oberhausen wants to stop the sale of nicotine-containing liquids for e-cigarettes. Retailers and pharmacies are asked to end sales in order to avoid seizures and prohibitions. Dr. Hans-Henning Karbach, medical officer explains: "As part of consumer health protection, employees will immediately check every reported violation and, if necessary, also initiate regulatory measures." Finally, the nicotine-containing liquids have been classified by the Ministry of Health as functional drugs since December 16, 2011, which approval from the competent higher federal authority. Since such approval has not yet been obtained, offering and selling nicotine-containing liquids are prohibited by law.

Düsseldorf Administrative Court confirms product warning for e-cigarettes Recently, supporters of electric cigarettes were up in arms when NRW Minister of Health Barbara Steffens issued a public warning about e-cigarettes. A manufacturer had sued such statements before the Düsseldorf Administrative Court and wanted to force a revocation. However, the administrative court confirmed the health minister's product warning (file number: 16 L 2043).

On the one hand, Steffens had warned of the health risk, which was not yet fully foreseeable, and on the other hand, he advised retailers of e-cigarettes not to open appropriate stores for the sale of the electric glow stick, since a lot of time and money could be invested incorrectly.

The last word regarding the e-cigarette has not yet been spoken, especially since manufacturers can contest the decision of the Düsseldorf Administrative Court at the Higher Regional Court. In addition, more and more citizens are enjoying the electric glow stick. Estimates assume around 1.2 million “steamers” in Germany. Letters to the editors show that many consumers of electronic cigarettes are upset about the current reporting. Many believe "the tobacco lobby is behind it". So far, there is no evidence of this, as health authorities and independent institutes in particular warn of the health risks of e-cigarettes. (ag)

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