Obesity: Not a quick success through diet

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If overweight, do not expect short-term dietary success

Reputable diets do not advertise customer success within a few days. A long-term successful diet should last at least twelve months and be accompanied by a doctor who is at best a nutritionist, as well as nutritionists and dietitians, sports therapists and psychologists or educators. The Federal Association of German Nutritional Medicines, the Association of Dieticians and the Mobilis Association share this view in a joint statement.

Pills and diet shakes are unsuitable for long-term weight loss
The experts point out that the effectiveness of the chosen diet should be proven by scientific studies. In addition, the sale of weight loss products such as shakes or tablets in connection with a diet is dubious. Just last year, the State Examination Office (LUA) in Rhineland-Palatinate warned of dangerous diet pills from China. In the worst case, they could be harmful to health, the LUA explained. The diet miracle drug "Xi You Su" contains the drug sibutramine, which is not approved in the EU, in high concentrations. The Trier-Ehrang customs office therefore secured 645 capsules.

Over 16 million people in Germany are overweight
According to recent estimates, more than 16 million people in Germany are overweight. Overweight is also affecting more and more children. Worldwide, more than two billion people are obese or overweight. This was recently reported by the British specialist journal "The Lancet" in an editorial in August last year. The authors point out that obesity and obesity are at greater global health risks than smoking. While the international community of states has adopted a framework convention to reduce the health consequences of tobacco, there are no comparable regulations for the control of overweight and obesity. Obesity and obesity promote the development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and fat metabolism disorders. (ag)

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