Naturopathy in the medicine cabinet

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Naturopathy as a quick helper for diseases

With less acute infections, gastrointestinal problems or minor accidents, your own medicine cabinet is the first helper in need. But mostly there are only conventional medicines and no naturopathic remedies, although they are very helpful. "Effective herbal medicines such as mustard oils from nasturtium and horseradish against common ailments such as colds or cystitis should not be missing here," said Dr. Dr. Erwin Häringer, general practitioner and naturopath from Munich. Because with the ailments mentioned, there is no time to be lost to alleviate the course of the disease.

Most people in Germany have their own medicine cabinet. However, only very few regularly check the content. To ensure that nothing is missing in the event of illness or that no expired preparations are contained, the stocks should be checked at least once or twice a year. Medicines that have expired or that have been open for more than six months should be replaced.

The medicine chest is primarily used for acute injuries caused by household accidents or for minor illnesses, for which a consultation with a doctor or naturopath is not absolutely necessary. This is the case, for example, for colds, gastrointestinal complaints or mild cough.

In addition to bandages, it is also recommended to always have medication to relieve pain, itching, abdominal pain or fever at hand. "Here, too, herbal preparations should preferably be used because of their better tolerance," says Häringer. A combination of myrrh, coffee charcoal and chamomile can be used for numerous gastrointestinal complaints such as diarrhea, infections and abdominal cramps. (sb)

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