Warning strike: DAK employees demand more salary

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As of today, there is a warning at the health insurance company DAK: Employees are demanding more wages

Warning strikes take place on Wednesday at the statutory health insurance fund DAK in Berlin. Customers and members of the cash register have to expect restrictions for several hours. The strike is initially scheduled for three hours.

Verdi wants to put pressure on collective bargaining with the DAK warning strike The warning strike by the health insurance company DAK Gesundheit started on Wednesday at 6:30 in Berlin. According to Verdi union secretary Horst Kasten to the news agency "dpa", the warning strike should be limited to several hours. First of all, the employees without customer contact would have put the work in the accounting offices until 10 a.m. The customer centers of Germany's third largest health insurance company should be on strike from 8 a.m. Customers and members of the cash register must therefore expect longer waiting times. According to Verdi, workers involved in the warning strike are gathering at the union headquarters in Kreuzberg.

The union expects around 200 to 700 warning strike participants in Berlin. Nationwide, there should be 4,500 to 16,000 employees at 28 locations. The warning strikes are intended to put pressure on collective bargaining, which is taking place in Hamburg on Wednesday. Verdi wants to enforce a one-time payment of 1,200 euros for 2011 and five percent more salary retrospectively as of January 1, 2012. "It is the responsibility of the board of DAK Health where the journey is going, because the warning strikes now planned are otherwise only the first stage of the dispute," warns Verdi negotiator Hardy Liebrich. According to the union, the background to the collective bargaining is the termination of all applicable collective agreements by DAK on December 31, 2011. “Since the beginning of 2011, employees have been waiting for a raise. Appreciation looks different, ”reports Liebrich. Due to the ongoing negotiations, the DAK considers the warning strikes to be inappropriate. (ag)

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