Pay attention to back friendliness when buying a satchel

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Satchels shouldn't strain the back too much

Parents should consider some criteria when buying a satchel, as TÜV Süd told the news agency "dpa". The satchel should be back-friendly and wear reflectors.

Satchels should not put pressure on the lumbar vertebrae. The safety aspect in road traffic is particularly important for satchels. With the satchel, the ABC shooters can draw attention to themselves so that they are not overlooked. According to TÜV Süd, bright colors such as orange, yellow or red make sense. Reflectors also contribute to road safety.

Even first graders already have to carry heavy school books in their satchels. To relieve the back, it should be ensured that the school bag is carried relatively high. It shouldn't press the lumbar vertebrae. The TÜV Süd advises dainty children to use portrait-format specimens. If the children are stronger, they can also wear wide satchels. In principle, the satchel should sit comfortably. Padded risers that are at least 30 millimeters wide are recommended. In addition, the satchel should not protrude beyond the child's shoulder width, otherwise there is a risk of getting caught. Suitable and tested satchels should comply with DIN standard 58124. Parents recognize such satchels by the GS mark, for example.

A lot of exercise after school The importance of a well-fitting satchel is shown by the fact that elementary school children often suffer from back pain. As a rule, they are the result of a lack of exercise, poor posture, excessively heavy school bags or unsuitable school furniture. To prevent this, parents can motivate their children to do sports and exercise outdoors after class. This is not only good for the back but also promotes general well-being and health. (ag)

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