Allianz has to pay for cheap breast implants

PIP scandal: Allianz sentenced to pay damages for cheap breast implants

Allianz insurance must pay compensation to patients with PIP breast implants. A French court ordered the insurance company to pay almost 20,000 euros in damages to a patient for the adverse effects caused by the cheap breast implant.

In the scandal surrounding the inferior breast implants of the French manufacturer PIP (Poly Implant Proth├Ęse), Allianz, as an insurer of PIP, was once again sentenced to pay damages. The German insurance group has to pay damages of EUR 19,650 to a woman. Not a particularly large sum per se, but with up to 40,000 affected patients in France alone and hundreds of thousands of those affected worldwide, the current verdict could have far-reaching consequences for Allianz.

Allianz feels deceived by the manufacturer of the breast implants Up until now, Allianz had refused to compensate patients with cheap breast implants from PIP. The insurance company felt deliberately deceived by the manufacturer PIP, not least because inferior silicone gel was used to manufacture the implants. However, at the beginning of June, the commercial court in Toulon in southern France dismissed a suit brought by Allianz for the nullity of the contracts with PIP. The court in Lyon has now ruled in its ruling that Allianz, as a PIP insurance company, has to pay for the health damage caused by defective implants. It is not yet clear whether Allianz will appeal against the current ruling.

Manufacturer of the breast implants used inferior silicone gel. In January the court in Avignon, France, ordered Allianz insurance or its French subsidiary to pay 4,000 euros in damages to a patient. Here too, the insurance company was unable to assert itself with its position, although it is undisputed that PIP has deceived both the insurance company and the medical profession and the public by processing the inferior industrial silicone in the breast implants. As the founder of PIP has now admitted, since 1995 around 75 percent of breast implants have been illegally filled with inferior silicone gel, which was actually intended for industrial purposes. The result was increased cracks and corresponding inflammation. Doctors and health authorities worldwide have therefore asked affected patients to have the cheap breast implants removed again. However, PIP can no longer be prosecuted for the damage incurred since the company has now filed for bankruptcy. (fp)

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