Salmonella in Aldi cat ham

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Recall of Abraham diced cat ham

The manufacturer "Abraham" is calling the "Abraham savory cat ham diced" of the same name back from the market. Our own laboratory tests had shown that individual samples of the ham contain salmonella, which may damage the health of the consumer. Consumers are encouraged to return ham they have already purchased for a refund of the purchase price.

The food manufacturer Abraham calls the "hearty cat ham diced" back from the supermarkets. The product is sold at the discounter "Aldi Süd". The company from the district of Harburg found contamination with Salmonella during self-examinations. According to the manufacturer, this is the diced cat ham in a double pack of two 125 grams. The ham packs with the best-before date of 3 August 12 and the batch number 40K773 09:51 are affected by the recall.
According to the company, the ham affected by the recall was sold "only at Aldi Süd in Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and in the Landau region".

The company did not disclose the concentrations of the germs. However, it would be in line with the company's policy to "only market food that is made from the best raw materials and with the most careful production processes," said a company spokesman. Consumer goods can be returned to the supermarket on presentation of the sales receipt, where the purchase price will be reimbursed. Goods that have already been started should not be consumed but disposed of immediately.

Health risk from Salmonella in food
Recalls for salmonella should always be taken seriously. If food is recalled from the market, consumption should be avoided as severe gastrointestinal diseases can follow. In the case of salmonellosis caused by salmonella, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting as well as diarrhea first appear. Diarrhea and internal dehydration can result. Without medical treatment, there is also a risk of serious circulatory problems, cramps and, in the worst case, kidney failure. In addition, salmonellosis can also promote the development of typhoid. Especially pregnant women, children and people with an immunodeficiency are often affected by salmonella poisoning. (sb)

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