18-year-old dies after Diablo-3 marathon session

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After 40 hours playing Diablo 3 in the internet café, a teenager dies of a cardiovascular breakdown

Computer games are particularly popular among young people and young adults. Now the excessive gaming behavior of an 18-year-old man from Taiwan even ended fatally, as the Australian news agency "AAP" reported, citing the local press. After playing the computer role-playing game Diabolo 3 in an internet café for almost two days, he collapsed and died of cardiovascular problems.

Game manufacturer Blizzard expresses regret over death The young man from Taiwan had played the action role-playing game Diabolo 3 for over 40 hours without taking breaks and eating something. On Friday afternoon, 18-year-old Chuang started the computer game session in a private room of an internet café that he had previously rented. An employee of the internet café discovered him on Sunday when he had apparently fallen asleep lying on the table. The employee woke the young man, who then woke up and took a few steps. Then he collapsed due to cardiovascular problems and later died in the hospital. Long periods of sitting, lack of rest, and possibly insufficient fluid and food may have led to the breakdown.

The publisher of the computer role-playing game expressed his regret for the young man's death in a comment on his website. At the same time, he also pointed out the need to act responsibly when playing.

Such deaths occur again and again, especially in Asia. A 86-hour game session for a 24-year-old from South Korea also ended fatally ten years ago.

Computers and TV cause heart disease But long-term sessions in front of the computer do not only damage health. Researchers at the University of Sydney's Department of Ophthalmology found last year that children who spend a lot of time in front of the television or computer screen are at increased risk of developing heart disease in adulthood. Children who often sit in front of the monitor found narrower arteries in the retina than children who did more other activities. The condition of the retinal arteries in adults is seen as an indicator of possible heart problems. (ag)

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