Warning strike of pharmacists in Baden-Württemberg

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Pharmacists are demanding higher compensation for their services

The pharmacists in Baden-Württemberg are planning a warning strike to make their demands for an adjustment in remuneration heard. The increase proposed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry of Health is not acceptable and does not even offer inflation compensation, the criticism of the Baden-Württemberg State Pharmacists' Association (LAV).

Therefore, the pharmacists of Baden-Württemberg will go on a warning strike next Wednesday (September 5), according to the LAV. Together with the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA), the LAV called "for the approximately 21,300 self-employed pharmacists with their approximately 148,000 employees an increase in fees of around one euro per prescribed medication." The proposal from the ministries, however, currently amounts to only 25 cents . First of all, the warning strike is to begin in the pharmacies of the city of Esslingen and in the so-called emergency service district of Sigmaringen. LAV President Fritz Becker emphasized that long strikes could not be ruled out.

Pharmacists disappointed by the proposals of the federal ministries For weeks, the dispute between pharmacists and politicians has been dragging on an appropriate remuneration. Although the ministries involved have a solid database and intensive discussions with pharmacists have taken place, "no acceptable draft for adequate remuneration has been submitted so far," the LAV chief complained. "We are more than disappointed," after yesterday's talks at the Federal Ministry of Health and "the answer will now come from the pharmacies," said Becker. As of next week, the pharmacists in Baden-Württemberg want to go on the warning strike. "The base is angry and bottomless disappointed - and equally affected across Germany, "Becker explained the warning strikes. Although the pharmacies in the two warning strike regions are also on duty on the strike days, the patients should only be served in the morning by the emergency service hatch, according to the LAV.

Becker, who is not only the chairman of the LAV Baden-Württemberg but also the German Pharmacists' Association, fears that the supply of pharmaceuticals will deteriorate. "The system must allow us what we need to fulfill our security mandate." Over eight years, not even the inflation is balanced, "definitely not acceptable." With the warning strikes, the pressure on the federal government or the ministries involved should be increased in order to achieve a significant increase in fees for the pharmacies in Germany. According to the LAV boss, drug supply would deteriorate significantly if pharmacists' remuneration was not adjusted. Currently, corresponding warning strikes are also being considered in other federal states. Becker emphasized that "in other regions the pharmacies may even close completely at times and only ensure that the emergency services are ready." (Fp)

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