More and more people with mental illnesses

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World Mental Health Day: More and more people suffer from mental illnesses

Due to the increasing demands on the job, the often difficult to reconcile work and family life and the constant availability by email and cell phone, many people find it difficult to create space and switch off. The result is increasing numbers and costs due to mental illness. More and more children are also affected. On the international World Day of Mental Health, Lebenshilfe Göppingen and the association "Viadukt - Hilfen für Psychisch Ille" ("Viaduct - Aids for the Mentally Ill") provide information on the subject of mental health.

More and more people suffer from mental illnesses The number of mentally ill people in Germany is steadily increasing. Frequent job changes, constant availability and a lack of flexibility do more and more people lead to illnesses such as depression or burnout.

Already in June, the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) described the further increase in absenteeism at the workplace due to mental disorders as part of the presentation of its 2011 health report. As in previous years, the number of medical diagnoses increased last year. From 2010 to 2011, there were around 6.3 percent more absenteeism among employees. Since 2006, the proportion of absenteeism due to mental health has increased by 61 percent.

The Federal Chamber of Psychotherapists had previously also pointed to an increase in sick leave due to mental suffering. As the chamber said, more and more people suffered from burnout syndrome. In many cases, people could no longer cope with the increasing workload, overtime, insecure employment relationships and bullying.

Children and adolescents are also affected by mental illnesses
In the meantime, more and more children and adolescents are affected by mental illnesses. The high school load but also leisure stress are often given as causes. Most recently, the Bundesjugendring had drawn attention to the disproportionate use of school resources when children had too little free time and therefore called for the “35-hour week” for children.

Lebenshilfe Göppingen and the association "Viadukt - Hilfen for mentally ill" want to create a broad public for the topic on the international day of mental health. The film "Vincent will meer" will be shown in the Staufen Movieplex in Göppingen. In Geislingen there will be a colorful afternoon in the "Café Wunderbar" on Thursday. The organizers are Viadukt, Lichtblick and the social psychiatric service of the district. (Ag)

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