TCM: Let the cold secretions run free

Uncured infections often cause serious illnesses

Coughing, sneezing and constant nasal blowing dominate the background noise in many places, especially in the cold season. Often, those affected also suffer from fatigue, headaches and body aches. However, most of them cannot be stopped by a cold and suppress the symptoms with cough suppressants, mucus blockers and pain relievers in order to continue to meet their demands in professional and private life. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is often the cause of many other diseases. "Simple infections are not trivial, but can promote or even cause serious illnesses if they are not cured," warns Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald.

According to Chinese medicine, metabolic toxins that are excreted by sniffing or coughing in the inflammation of the respiratory organs do not accumulate in the blood as so-called “cloudy heat” and then sometimes pass into the lymph. However, since the discharge routes there are very limited in contrast to the mucous membranes, inflammation products accumulate. These, in turn, often lead to undesirable immunological developments - often only months or years later. With sometimes dramatic health consequences such as painful joint complaints, violent skin reactions or autoimmune disorders, which represent delayed attempts to detoxify the body. To prevent this development, TCM experts recommend allowing the natural cleaning process for infections in the form of cough or runny nose. "Colds need the willingness to carry them out and not to interfere with the healthy course with inhibitory drugs," emphasizes Dr. Schmincke. "In many cases, this can prevent inflammation impulses from penetrating into deeper layers and possibly causing other serious episodes of illness." If the chronically ill suffers from a cold, these metabolic processes usually cause them to suffer more clearly than usual from the symptoms of their underlying diseases, such as Inflammation of the intestines, joint problems or multiple sclerosis.

Chinese medicine uses the knowledge for the connection between the course of the infection and the development of the disease as a starting point for the treatment of corresponding diseases. The focus of the 5-pillar therapy concept is drug therapy. Individual formulations of Chinese medicinal plants strengthen the clarifying functions and support the organism in draining inflammatory potential. Depending on the symptoms and the patient's constitution, acupuncture and Qi Gong are used in addition. "However, if you take the body's signals seriously in advance, protect yourself, keep warm and eat little, you can intercept the infection in good time and prevent the disease from progressing to the next stage in many cases," explains Dr. Schmincke.

Acupressure against nasal congestion
An effective point is two to three millimeters next to the nostril at the level of the nostril. To do this, press the right and left alternately with your fingernail and repeat until it tingles in the nose and relief occurs. If the eyes water, this is a good sign that the right point is being stimulated.

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