Lidl recall campaign: Salmonella in hazelnut kernels

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Lidl recalls hazelnut kernels due to possible salmonella contamination

Recall for salmonella in hazelnut kernels. The discounter Lidl is recalling the ground hazelnut kernels from the manufacturer Märsch Importhandels-GmbH because of the impending health risk. The products have already been taken out of sale and consumers have been advised not to consume hazelnut kernels they have already purchased. The hazelnut kernels can also be returned to the Lidl branches without a presentation of the sales receipt against reimbursement of the purchase price.

According to Lidl's announcement, "Ground hazelnut kernels" in a 200 gram bag of the "märschimport" brand with the best-before dates of June 6, 2013 and July 6, 2013 are affected current recall. In the sense of "consistent consumer protection", Lidl Germany said that it "immediately reacted to the information and removed the affected products from sale." The manufacturer Märsch Importhandels-GmbH urged all customers not to eat the hazelnut kernels.

Impending salmonella infection when eating the hazelnut kernels The hazelnut kernels that are potentially contaminated with salmonella were sold in the branches of Lidl in Germany. Since salmonella can cause severe gastrointestinal disorders (so-called salmonellosis) with symptoms such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, the consumption of the hazelnut kernels should be avoided. In patients with a weakened immune system, the elderly and young children, salmonellosis can develop into a serious general infection, which in the worst case can assume life-threatening proportions. Because of the health risk, consumers should pay attention to the recall, the manufacturer warned. Märsch Importhandels-GmbH apologized to all concerned for the inconvenience caused as part of the current product recall. (fp)

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