Environmentally conscious nutrition - be careful when buying fish

When buying fish, inform about the condition of the stocks

Fish is generally considered a healthy alternative to meat and has become increasingly popular with consumers in recent years. Exotic fish species are also increasingly found on Germans' plates. The increased demand is often a significant threat to the stocks of the respective species. Conscious buying behavior enables customers to make a significant contribution to protecting endangered fish stocks, explains the Fish Information Center (FIZ).

"More and more consumers want to know where the fish on their plate comes from and whether it comes from sustainable fishing," reports the FIZ, referring to information sources such as the online database "Fish stocks online". This provides data prepared by the Thünen Institute (Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forest and Fisheries) "on the condition of fish stocks that are important for the German market." Also here "all other aspects are described that are necessary for the assessment of sustainable fisheries may be relevant ”, so the comments on“ Fish stocks online ” At the end of 2012, the site recorded a total of around 130 fish stocks relevant to the German market from over 30 fish species worldwide. Here consumers should learn "how they can organize their fish shopping in such a way that enjoyment and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive."

Environmentally conscious fish purchasing required Environmentally conscious behavior when buying fish is urgently required in view of the dwindling stocks. Therefore, consumers should find out from which stocks in which fishing area their fish comes from before shopping. For this purpose, the FIZ and the Thünen Institute have developed a joint brochure and presented it at the Green Week agricultural fair in Berlin. In addition to the online information portals, the new brochure "Sustainable Fish Purchasing - But How?" Offers explanations of the fishing methods and the state of the fish population in the different fishing areas. For example, there are 13 different cod stocks in the north-east Atlantic alone, all of which are in different condition, according to the FIZ.

Information on fish stocks online is available in addition to the website of the FIZ, the Thünen Institute and the information portal "Fish stocks online" as well as offers from environmental protection organizations such as Greenpeace or the WWF. Information brochures such as the Greenpeace fish guide and the WWF fish shopping guide can be called up at any time with the smartphone and can thus be viewed directly while shopping. If customers acted a little more environmentally and responsibly, the decline in stocks of individual fish species could possibly be stopped, according to the experts. However, it does not seem to be sufficient to pass on all responsibility to the end customer. Governments are also encouraged to help protect stocks by enforcing strict catch quotas. Under certain circumstances, fishing bans should be pronounced here so that endangered fish stocks can recover. (fp)

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