Colon cancer: sitting is fatal

Colorectal cancer: Sitting too much is fatal: Those who exercise a lot before or after diagnosing colorectal cancer have a longer life expectancy. This was the result of an American study.

The result: around 150 minutes of moderate to strenuous exercise in cancer are recommended per week. 2293 initially healthy patients participated in the study. They completed detailed lifestyle questionnaires both before and after a diagnosis of non-metastatic colorectal adenocarcinoma (JCO 2013; online January 22).

2.5 hours of exercise Depending on the intensity of weekly physical activity in your free time, they were divided into three groups: less than 3.5 MET hours (this corresponds to less than one hour of walking), 3.5 to 8.74 MET hours (corresponding to one to two and a half hours walking) or more than 8.75 MET hours.

Good advice: Shorter sitting times Patients with at least 8.75 MET hours per week had the lowest mortality. Conversely, study participants who sat more than six hours in their daily free time had a shorter survival expectation than those with seat times of less than three hours.

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