Simple eating rules for pregnant women

No strict eating rules for pregnant women

Do pregnant women have to follow strict eating rules? The gynecologist Prof. Rather is more important to eat regularly and healthy.

Karin Prall is five months pregnant. From her friend, who is also pregnant, she heard that the daily meals had to be taken at fixed times. "I eat breakfast at eight o'clock and lunch at twelve o'clock". But such rigid rules as in clinics are not necessary at all. Rather, it is important what pregnant women eat and not at what time it happens.

According to the gynecologist and member of the "Healthy Living" network, Prof. Dr. Klaus Vetter does not have a fixed health rule on how often pregnant women should eat food. But: "Pregnant women should eat regularly and throughout the day". The network is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food and is intended to provide parents with comprehensive information before the child is born. For example, training courses on the subject of infant nutrition are offered on a regular basis. As a rough guide: "Maintain three main meals and, if the hunger comes in between, up to two snacks as required".

What is on the plate is important Pregnant women do not have to worry too much about the choice of dishes. What should be eaten can easily be summarized. A warm main meal consists of three different food groups: lots of vegetables or salad, rice, pasta or potatoes as a side dish, and occasionally fish, meat, egg and / or milk products such as cheese. Fresh fruit, muesli, yoghurt or bread with cheese and salad are ideal as a cold main meal. The expert also advises that you drink enough fluid. "It is best to drink one or two glasses of water with each meal". Raw, smoked or marinated fish is not part of the menu due to the risk of listeriosis. The fish should always be fresh and steamed or fried. Raw meat or raw eggs should also be avoided. (sb)

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