Seniors: Fit in old age by dancing

Dancing keeps your heart and circulation fit even in old age

Scientists examined a dance program developed for seniors. The participants showed that not only their physical fitness, but also their attention and responsiveness improved after the training.

The neuroscientists examined the influence of the AGILANDO © dance program for seniors of the General German Dance Teachers' Association. The subjects were divided into two groups. While one group (25 participants between the ages of 60 and 94) danced once a week for one hour for six months, the control group did not do any dance classes during the same period. Before and after the course, the study participants went through various tests, with the focus of the examinations on motor skills, sensor technology, attention, ability to think and remember, as well as subjective life satisfaction and the performance of the cardiovascular system.

While there were no changes in the control group, the researchers found significant improvements in the dancers after the course in the above areas. Only in the cardiovascular system could they find no changes. (Original publication: J.-C. Kattenstroth. Six months of dance intervention enhances postural, sensorimotor, and cognitive performance in elderly without affecting cardio-respiratory functions. Front. Ag. Neurosci .; doi: 10.3389 / fnagi.2013.00005; 2012)

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