Sun protection: Beware of the spring sun

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German Cancer Aid recommends sun protection against the spring sun

The first sunny days of the year look like a real salvation for many people after the extremely low-sun winter months. Hundreds of thousands were out in the open yesterday, sat in the sun and enjoyed the warm beginning of spring. But the extreme need for the sun is a considerable burden for the skin, especially since sun protection is often neglected, so the warning of the German Cancer Aid in Bonn.

The general manager of the German Cancer Aid, Gerd Nettekoven, appealed to all sun-seekers: "Treat your skin to gently get used to the spring sun." After a long, low-sun winter, the skin is extremely sensitive to the sun's rays. In general, "ultraviolet radiation causes the skin to age faster and increases the risk of skin cancer," Nettekoven explained about the risks of unprotected sunbathing. In the end, according to the German Cancer Aid, every sunburn leads to damage to the "skin cells and increases the risk of later developing skin cancer." Comprehensive sun protection is urgently needed here.

Lubricate uncovered parts of the body with sunscreen The German Cancer Aid reports that around 234,000 people nationwide develop a tumor of the skin annually, the greatest risk factor for this tumor being UV rays. If the skin appears reddened, according to the experts, this is "a sign of excessive UV radiation." However, skin damage could be avoided by the correct behavior in the sun. For example, all uncovered parts of the body should be lotioned with a sunscreen "that contains a sun protection factor 20 with UV-A and UV-B protection," reports the German Cancer Aid. Avoiding direct sunlight or staying in the shade is even better. In addition, clothing offers the best sun protection, with "headgear, shoes that cover the back of the foot sufficiently, and sunglasses with UV-A and UV-B protection" should also be protective clothing, according to the German Cancer Aid.

Pre-tanning in solariums increases the risk of skin cancer Whoever hopes to be able to harden their sensitive skin beforehand with the help of solariums is basically on the wrong path, according to the German Cancer Aid. Because pre-tanning in the solarium damages the skin and in turn increases the risk of skin cancer, which is why its use in Germany has been prohibited for minors since 2009. According to the German Cancer Aid, "the radiation intensity of the devices is as strong as that of the sun at noon at the equator", which makes it clear that there is no question of the skin slowly getting used to the UV rays. (fp)

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