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Movement improves quality of life and a longer life

Exercise is good for health - but also for the state! This was the result of a study by the Center for Health (ZfG) of the German Sport University Cologne. After all, just five percent more physical activity can save 2.6 million euros for the healthcare system within ten years. In addition, people who take 1,700 steps a day in at least ten-minute units die later than others. Overall, the risk of death is reduced by twelve percent.

A few steps a day significantly reduce the risk of death "Those who exercise regularly extend their lives and improve their quality of life," Professor Ingo Froböse of the Center for Health (ZfG) at the German Sport University Cologne told the news agency "dpa" ZfG study, according to which 3,000 steps a day reduce the risk of death by 20 percent. Small changes in the daily routine can therefore make a big difference. If you take the stairs instead of the elevator and the bicycle instead of the car, you are doing your health a great service.

Froböse sees a major problem especially in permanent sitting. Whether in the office or at home on the sofa - instead of moving, people spend more and more time sitting. “Due to lack of time and comfort, we have adopted a lifestyle that makes us sick in the long run. And that, even though we can achieve great benefits with little effort, "reports the expert.

Just a few steps a day mean savings in health care. “Losing physical activity leads to premature aging of the cardiovascular system. The heart functions weaken. The vessels also weaken, ”reports Froböse in a message on his website. A weakened immune system, metabolic disorders, rheumatism, muscle wasting and arthrosis could also result from a lack of exercise. "The cartilage, the intervertebral disc - ultimately every joint structure and even the bone hang on the drip of movement." After spending eight hours sitting, the body was in a coma. Froböse also points out that this deficit built up throughout the day cannot be reduced by sport alone. Physical inactivity must be interrupted regularly.

In addition to the enormous health benefits, moderate exercise also means significant savings for the healthcare system. According to Froböse, 1,700 steps a day could save EUR 335,000 a year. Calculated over ten years, the cost savings could amount to an estimated 3.3 million euros. Even if physical activity only increased by five percent, 2.6 million euros could still be saved after ten years, the expert said.

Lack of exercise leads to countless deaths US researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston published a study in the specialist magazine "The Lancet" last summer on the subject of lack of exercise. According to this, insufficient physical activity in 2008 led to more than five million of the 57 million deaths worldwide. As the researchers reported, sedentary lifestyle, six percent of cases of coronary artery disease, seven percent of type 2 diabetes, ten percent of colon cancer cases and ten percent of breast cancer cases. This resulted in millions of deaths, some of which were very unlikely to be avoided. Since women are often less active than men, they are particularly affected by the consequences of a lack of exercise. (ag)

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