TV chefs warn: sugar is addictive like nicotine

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Salt and sugar are responsible for being overweight

Obesity is an enormous health problem in Germany, affecting more than 50 percent of the population. The main culprit is salt and sugar, not least in so-called fast food. The two prominent television chefs Rach and Schuhbeck see that both ingredients have a similar effect to drugs and explain how easy it is to replace them.

Salt and sugar act like drugs
Cooking shows on German television and on the Internet are enjoying growing popularity. Two of the best-known TV chefs are now warning of widespread eating habits in Germany. According to chefs Christian Rach and Alfons Schuhbeck, salt and sugar act like drugs and factory farming to poison people. High blood pressure and a dulling of the taste buds are the consequences of the nutritional mistakes of the Germans. In his new television show "Rach uncovered", the prominent cook addresses typical nutritional mistakes made by Germans and declares war on fast food and cheap products. Rach and Schuhbeck also try to fight against the nutritional sins of the Germans in the column of the “Bild” newspaper “The Truth About Our Food”.

The worst mistake is factory farming
According to Rach, factory farming is Germany's worst mistake in the food industry. Unlike, for example, in southern European countries, the Germans are rather stingy about their food expenses. The result of this saving thinking are cheap products from the supermarket, which are often of poor quality. He also thinks that kebabs and burgers only became so popular because of this savings effect. In Germany, fast and inexpensive food is usually preferred. However, the chefs point out that there are also many healthy dishes that can be prepared in a short time and are suitable for the small budget. And although it is known that a wide variety of health risks, such as allergies, result from fast food, very few Germans want to do without it. One of the reasons for this is that the sugar it contains is just as addictive as nicotine.

Soy sauce and liquorice juice as a substitute
The German population must be weaned from sugar and salt, says Schuhbeck. Salt consumption and high blood pressure are directly related and the World Health Organization (WHO) also hopes that a reduction in salt consumption will result in a significant decrease in the increasing number of chronic diseases. Salt and sugar are also partly responsible for the dulling of taste buds. Both foods would be so easy to replace with healthier ones, such as soy sauce and liquorice juice. Another alternative is the sugar-sweet plant stevia. The natural sweetener stevia, which has only been approved in the EU since 2011, could increasingly be used here as a sugar substitute in the future. The extracts of the stevia plant taste up to 400 times sweeter than conventional sugar without being burdened with comparable health risks. In principle, the consumption of salt, sugar or fast food does not have to be directly harmful. But TV chef Rach warns that everyone plays with their health if they eat a kebab every day.

Create awareness of food
With their appeals, the two chefs want to raise awareness of how to eat and how to use it. You want to educate about the production and risks, not only to the consumers, but also to the producers. In Germany, over 3,000 chemical additives are approved in food, and many of them have so far been unknown how they work in the human body. According to Schuhbeck, advice on eating a healthy diet is to cook a lot yourself and with good spices. These would prevent diseases, as well as strengthen the metabolism and the immune system. And they are also the best free radical scavengers, as long as you don't overheat them, the cooks concluded. (ad)

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