Carefully air-condition offices in summer

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Carefully air-condition offices in summer

In summer there is a temptation to turn on the air conditioning system in office rooms when it is hot. But be careful! Because that can increase the risk of catching a cold.

21 to 22 degrees in the office Even if the temperatures have dropped a bit in the last few days, the next heat wave is sure to come. Then the temptation is great again to alleviate the heat with a strong air conditioning system. But it can be fatal if you sweat in the sun outside and then sit back in the office in chilled rooms. Because there is a risk of a cold if the temperature difference between outside and inside is too large, warns Uwe Gerecke from the Association of Company and Company Doctors. Even in very hot weather, offices should not be cooled down further than 21 or 22 degrees Celsius.

Relief with the right clothes Gerecke advises that working people should prefer relief by choosing the right clothes instead of making the office space into ice chambers. He recommends wearing airy cotton and linen items and not wearing jeans on hot summer days. Even at very high temperatures, the employer may be persuaded to temporarily lift the tie that is common in various industries.

Drink a lot and light meals In order to be able to cope better with the summer temperatures in the office, it is advisable to follow general tips. So drinking abundantly is particularly important to keep the body fit and healthy. In general, according to the recommendation of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) "at least 1.5 l per day should be drunk, in the heat it can still be 3 l and more." Since the body already requires enough effort due to the heat, summer food should be taken easy to digest. For example, light summer salads with cheese, ham or boiled egg, steamed vegetables, lean meat or fish and baked potatoes with herb curd are suitable, and yoghurt with fresh fruit is a good tip for dessert. (ad)

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