Weaknesses in sex education

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Schoolchildren fit after sex attacks in sex education

The students, who almost collapsed at the Remigianum grammar school in Münsterland on Thursday, are fit again. When they were asked to label pictures of genitals in biology class, they suffered from fits of weakness.

Schoolchildren aged eleven and twelve A total of eight schoolchildren from the Remigianum high school in Borken had to be looked after on Thursday by the emergency services and an emergency doctor. In sixth grade, one student overturned during sex education and then another seven. The eleven and twelve year olds should edit sketches of genitals. One of them suddenly turned pale and collapsed. While he was being treated, seven other students went limp and buckled. Nobody can really explain the chain reaction. While two recovered quickly, the other six were taken to hospital for outpatient treatment.

Normal drawings Five of those affected were already back to school on Friday. A student who is still in the hospital is being treated there for an infection that has nothing to do with the incident at the school. "Nothing really happened," said a police spokesman. "The drawings were perfectly normal, not terrifying, as such pictures are," said the police. A child's blood was taken for a laboratory test to try to find a reason for the seizures. However, it was said that one positive finding would be surprising.

Doubts about a connection with the classroom It remains to be hoped that no one will suffer any lasting damage. In any case, headmistress Dorothea Meerkötter finds the idea that a few modestly educated children were confronted with too much sexual openness and therefore collapsed overwhelmed. She doubts a connection with the classroom and sees weather-related cardiovascular weakness as the possible cause. She also contradicted rumors that videos of circumcision would have been shown to the children. (ad)

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