Healthy summer dishes with edible flowers

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Edible flowers: The icing on the cake for many dishes

Edible flowers are delicious and healthy and give many dishes a very special touch thanks to the wide variety of flavors and spices. But not everything that looks nice is also suitable for consumption - therefore, when choosing the flowers, you should take a close look, because some garden flowers are inedible or sometimes even poisonous. In addition, there are many petals that are real delicacies and can be used for great summer dishes.

Caution with red foxglove, lily-of-the-valley and hemlock According to Heike Kreutz from the “aid infodienst”, the red foxglove, lily-of-the-valley and hemlock should never be consumed due to their toxicity. In addition, the plants should “not be sprayed, so that ornamental plants from the market are generally not are suitable, ”said the expert in a current press release from“ aid ”. Instead, for example, flowers of nasturtiums, violets, roses, forget-me-nots, marigolds, chives and sage would be good for salads, but the dressing should only be added at the very end, "because the delicate flowers quickly become unsightly," recommends Heike Kreutz further.

Delicious recipe idea: wild herb salad with goat herb cheese dressing
For the use of flowers, a delicious wild herb salad with goat herb cheese dressing is also recommended - this can be prepared quickly and easily and not only brings vitamins to the table, but also summery flair.

For 4 people you need: 1 bag / bowl of wild herb salad mix with flowers
50 ml of olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
40 ml apple juice
50 ml white wine
2 tbsp mustard
70 g of goat herb cake
3-4 tbsp agave syrup
1 bunch of radishes
1-3 tbsp p.p. Pine nuts (amount at will)
Vegetable broth
salt and pepper

To prepare the dressing, oil, vinegar, apple juice, white wine, mustard, goat's herb cheese and agave syrup are mashed with a hand blender and seasoned with vegetable broth and pepper. In the next step, the radishes are quartered, fried in a pan with a little oil and a little salted. Then put them on a kitchen towel to drain the oil, then roast the pine nuts in a pan without oil until golden brown. The salad mix is ​​now served on a plate with the radishes, covered with the dressing and garnished with the roasted pine nuts.

Quickly and easily cook "flower jam" from violet flowers yourself
The expert from “aid” is also particularly well-suited to desserts with roses, violets and pansies - here, for example, you can use candied rose petals to decorate cakes or cook a spread from violet leaves. According to Kreutz, water, lemon juice and powdered sugar should first be boiled for this, then the contained violets would be added and the whole thing cooked at low temperature for about 30 minutes - until "a thickened brew is formed". Then fill the finished spread into the glass and you already have a delicious "flower jam", which can also be wonderful as a small gift for the next barbecue party.

Important: Pay attention to the right time for the harvest According to the expert, if you want to use flowers in the kitchen, you should definitely pay attention to the right time for the harvest, because withered flowers have hardly any aroma. For example, "for most species, the morning is ideal when the flowers have just opened," Kreutz writes. If the flowers were quickly placed in a bowl of cold water, they would remain fresh for a few hours - however, stems and green sepals should be removed beforehand and dust or hidden insects removed by carefully rinsing the flowers. (No)

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