Ozone warning in Zinnwald and Schkeuditz

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Ozone levels in Zinnwald and Schkeuditz are too high

The Saxon State Office for the Environment in Leipzig has issued an ozone warning for the current weekend. The Zinnwald and Schkeuditz regions are affected. "Greater efforts should not be made due to excessive ozone concentrations," said a statement from the authorities. This does not include fitness and endurance training outdoors. Saturday afternoon the warning threshold in Zinnwald was exceeded. The region around Schkeuditz followed in the early afternoon.

Only in the evening should the ozone load gradually decrease again. Infants, asthma patients, the health-impaired, the elderly and sensitive people are particularly often affected. As a result, patients suffer from irritable cough and irritation of the mucous membranes. From a value of 200 µg / m3 ozone, symptoms such as cough, tearfulness, headache and worsening of lung function occur frequently. Physical performance can also decrease significantly. (sb)

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