AIDS: More HIV infections in Stuttgart too

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AIDS: HIV infections are also increasing in Stuttgart

The topic of AIDS was no longer a major public topic for a long time. Now that the South African actress Charlize Theron has made headlines with her fight against immune deficiency disease and the German AIDS Foundation has published its annual report, everyone is talking about the topic again. The number of infections is also increasing in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart behind Cologne According to a survey by the German AIDS Foundation, the number of new HIV infections in large German cities is particularly high. Most newly infected people are in Cologne. Stuttgart is just behind with 12.23 people per 100,000 inhabitants who are newly infected with HIV. Alfons Stetter from AIDS-Hilfe Stuttgart gave the “Stuttgarter-Zeitung” some answers to the situation in the Baden-Württemberg capital.

Number of people infected Stetter cannot explain clearly why the number of people newly infected with HIV in Stuttgart is so high, even higher than in Berlin or Hamburg. An explanation he made to the “Stuttgarter Zeitung”: “Many people who have been infected for ten years, for example, can only be tested now. And many who can be tested in the big cities come from the surrounding area. ”But it is clear that the number of newly infected people is increasing.

Around 80,000 people infected with HIV throughout Germany annually had 2,000 new infections, and now there are 3,400. “We too are growing by more than 50 percent. But that's also because a lot more people can be tested today than before, ”says Stetter. Nationwide there are around 80,000 reported infected people and the number of unreported cases is also not estimated to be much higher. Based on the total population, this means that approximately every thousandth person would be infected. For Stuttgart, one can assume a little more than 1,000 infected people in the urban area, since the density in a large city is higher than in the country.

Forget and Suppress Dipl.-Theologe Stetter referred to the increased willingness to test. If one had to assume ten years ago that the disease would not last long, there are now good therapeutic options if HIV is diagnosed early after an infection. In general, however, the topic has become rather quiet and the expert therefore warns: “If HIV remains unnoticed in public, it is an evolutionary advantage for the virus. And you know that you can get treatment today. This leads to forgetting and repressing. "

Many affected people already retired. Social workers Stetter also commented on the need for HIV-infected people in Stuttgart: “We also make many applications to the AIDS Foundation for HIV-positive people in need. In all counseling centers there are already 100 applications a year. These are not a few. ”Many of those affected, who are now well treated, retired several years ago and often live from transfer payments.

A 16-year-old infected person The proportion of women among people who contract HIV is around 20 percent. In general, those affected are on average around 40 years old. However, there are also very young people, especially gays. Last year, a 16-year-old was among them in Stuttgart, and this year there were already several newly infected people in their early 20s. "It is often young people who live funny lives. And as we know, lust kicks reason away when it comes to sex. "

Charlize Theron in the fight against AIDS Since the early 1980s, when AIDS became known, there have been numerous myths about the disease, some of which have reached dangerous proportions. Even in Europe there are still people who dismiss immunodeficiency as a problem for homosexuals and drug addicts. However, the situation in Africa is much more difficult. The president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, once claimed that he had protected himself from HIV after showering unprotected sex. In an interview with “Welt am Sonntag”, the South African Oscar winner Charlize Theron relativized his views: “If someone like him admits mistakes and now leads one of the most offensive programs in the fight against HIV, it is no less than a miracle. He deserves respect for that. ”With the support of the“ Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria ”, the 37-year-old runs her own charity“ Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project. ”(Ad)

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