Early puberty is not pathological

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Puberty at eight or nine years is usually not a disease

When puberty begins in children at the age of nine or even earlier, many parents are unsettled. But an illness is often not behind it, as experts explain. It is therefore quite normal for children to reach puberty earlier today. According to studies, both the ethnic origin and the onset of puberty play a role in the parents. If mother or father were "early starters", children often show the typical signs of puberty early on.

Early puberty can be very stressful for children. Puberty can be a very stressful time for young people. Because on the way from the girl to the woman or from the boy to the man there are not only major physical changes. The psyche is also usually subject to increased stress. This is also confirmed by Karina Weichold, developmental psychologist at the University of Jena. Early maturity in particular could have psychosocial consequences. "If, for example, little girls have to deal with love handles at an early age, unlike friends, this promotes emotional problems such as a lack of self-confidence, depression or anxiety disorders", the expert reports to the news agency "dpa". In addition, early onset puberty can lead to early sexual Contacts and lead to alcohol abuse .. Weichold advises parents to always maintain good contact with their children and to talk about education at an early stage. "If a good culture of conversation is developed from the start and the children voluntarily tell about what they are doing at school and experience leisure time, that’s a very important protection factor against many different problem behaviors. ”

Today puberty usually begins shortly before the age of 11 or 12. The external signs of puberty in girls include breast growth. In boys, the testicle volume increases and the penis gradually increases in size, then in length. "On average, puberty begins in Germany shortly before the age of 11 and in boys shortly before the age of 12," Professor Olaf Hiort, head of the hormone center for children and adolescents at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, told the news agency but there is a wide range of fluctuation. "

When exactly puberty begins depends on various factors. On the one hand, ethnic origin has an influence on the hormonal balance of the adolescents, on the other hand, the onset of puberty also seems to be "inherited". Because if the parents reached sexual maturity early, the children are usually also among the "early starters". In addition, family lifestyle, diet and stress are considered influencing factors.

When does early puberty become a disease? "If the girls are more than eight years old and the boys are more than nine years old, then this is more likely not to be the case, then it is usually early normal puberty," explains Hiort. When girls start puberty before the eighth and onset in boys before their ninth birthday is premature puberty, in which case illness can also be a trigger. Premature puberty can occur together with dwarfism, among other things. In addition to physical stress - especially in very young children - can The psyche also suffers: As the doctor explains, children are often overwhelmed when the physical changes start very early.

Before considering hormonal treatment of the child, it should be clarified in any case whether there is actually a pathological finding. This is also pointed out by Esther M. Nitsche, doctor for pediatric and adolescent medicine and second chair of the working group on pediatric and adolescent gynecology in Germany, to the news agency. She reports that many parents feel insecure about the premature puberty of their children and are therefore pushing for hormone therapy. "With one treatment, we intervene massively in the hormonal balance," warns Nitsche. "It is always difficult to be the first among girls, especially since the changes can also be seen." In addition, the risk of abuse increases. Many girls would also experience mood swings and troubles boys in this phase of life, reports Nitsche.

Naturopathy for pimples and growing pains during puberty Typical symptoms during puberty include growing pains and pimples. Instead of the "hormone club", natural home remedies can be used to relieve the symptoms. Growing pains in homeopathy, especially with Acidum phosphoricum or Calcium phosphoricum in potencies D6 and D12, can be alleviated. The latter can also be taken as a mineral according to Schüßler. For external use, envelopes with Swedish bitter, which are placed on the aching limbs, are suitable.

As a home remedy for pimples and blackheads, masks and packs of healing earth are recommended. The healing earth literally absorbs the toxins and can reduce inflammation or prevent it in advance. Aloe juice is also said to work against pimples and blemished skin when applied thinly in the evening. Daisies have an anti-inflammatory effect and can be processed into a tincture for the skin at home. For this purpose, the heads of about 100 daisies are placed in 100 milliliters of 40 percent alcohol. After three to four weeks, the tincture can be dabbed directly onto the pimples. (ag)

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