ECO TEST: German plasticine is mostly good

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Playdough tested for harmful ingredients

Children love plasticine. Parents should pay attention to good quality when buying. According to the ÖKO-TEST, products from Germany mostly perform well.

German products good to very good Children are usually fascinated by plasticine. The colorful game material costs little, stimulates the imagination, and the creative possibilities with it are almost inexhaustible. Parents should pay attention to the quality of the toy when purchasing it. ÖKO-TEST examined 14 products in the laboratory for harmful ingredients, such as problematic preservatives and many other substances. According to the magazine, products from Germany mostly perform well and receive the judgments "very good" and "good".

Most products barely affected Goods from China, on the other hand, often only received the marks "satisfactory" to "unsatisfactory". This resulted in a comparison of 14 testers' products in the current edition of ÖKO-TEST (10/2013). The majority of the products are hardly or not at all contaminated. Of the 14 kneading sets, eight are fully recommended, but two are "poor" and one is "insufficient". Preservatives such as formaldehyde are the main problem. Because this substance, which is suspected of being cancer-causing, irritates the mucous membranes even in small quantities and can trigger allergies.

Ingredients do not have to be specified If you consider that the little ones sometimes end up with a kneading bead in their mouths, it is surprising that the ingredients of such a sensitive product do not have to be specified. The manufacturers do not freely disclose their recipes. On the contrary; For example, "Beck's Plasticine" writes on its website: "The exact composition is of course a closely guarded secret." However, the ingredients are roughly known. Depending on the type of modeling clay, the following ingredients are possible: wax, potato starch, chalk, salt, flour, starch, water and also preservatives. (ad)

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