New York is looking for an autistic boy

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New York is still looking for an autistic boy

The missing boy, Avonte Oquendo, has still not turned up in New York. He is autistic, can hardly understand himself verbally and has been missing for two weeks now.

Missing for two weeks
The 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo has been missing in New York for two weeks now. The young person is autistic and can hardly make himself verbally understandable. His mother told a US television broadcaster: "He needs one-to-one care around the clock." Her son had the mental skills of a seven- to eight-year-old. A crime is not ruled out, but the police suspect that the railroad-loving boy has been wandering around the New York subway system since he disappeared.

Search so far unsuccessful According to his mother, the boy who disappeared from his school in the borough of Queens on October 4, did not know many everyday things: “I can be injured on the street, someone can grab me and take me away, fear of something - all of that he doesn't know. ”Hundreds of police officers use search dogs, helicopters and police boats in their search - so far unsuccessful. The rewards now totaled $ 70,000. According to the police, it cannot be completely ruled out that the young person took the suburban trains to the neighboring state of New Jersey.

Autism is not curable The majority of autism is described as a congenital, incurable perception and information processing disorder of the brain. The symptoms and individual manifestations of the disorder can range from mild, barely noticeable behavioral problems to severe intellectual disabilities. Common to all autistic disabilities is an impairment of social behavior. There are difficulties with speaking to other people, interpreting what is said correctly, using facial expressions and body language and understanding.

Therapies can help Therapies for autistic people are also offered. It is important that the therapist is familiar with the disability and does not want to try to train the disorder away. Rather, it is about teaching the autistic person to live with autism. With the help of occupational therapy, for example, skills impaired by manual, creative and playful exercises can be improved, restored or compensated for. Physiotherapy can help to reduce motor deficits and, thanks to speech therapy, there are opportunities to normalize language problems. There are no medications for the unknown cause of autism, but drug treatment is possible for some accompanying symptoms such as anxiety, depression, aggressiveness or compulsions. (ad)

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