Coping with illnesses in a self-help group

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Thuringians manage illnesses in self-help groups

In addition to medical treatment, thousands of Thuringian self-help groups visit. According to estimates, around 30,000 people are active in groups in the Free State.

Mainly asked by older people No matter whether widespread common diseases or rare diseases: Thousands of Thuringians are looking for support from self-help groups in addition to medical treatment. According to estimates by the Thuringian self-help plenum, there are around 30,000 people who are active in around 1,500 groups in the Free State. According to a survey by the dpa news agency, the offers with lectures, round tables and leisure activities are mainly in demand among older people.

Financial support from health insurers and the state According to the AOK Plus, the statutory health insurers are making around 537,000 euros available for self-help this year. Financial support also comes from the state, which co-finances self-help with 150,000 euros annually. The number of self-help groups fluctuates in the individual regions, for example there are 38 groups in the district of Hildburghausen and 130 in the city of Jena.

Self-help forums on the Internet The Internet can offer alternatives for those who do not find a suitable self-help group in their local area, or who do not want to interact directly with their fellow sufferers. Those affected can anonymously ask questions and exchange ideas in self-help forums. Users should still be careful, because not all self-help offers on the Internet are serious.

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