World Vegan Day: Vegan is healthy

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Today is World Vegan Day

According to estimates by the Vegetarian Association (VGE), there are around 800,000 people in Germany who eat vegan. More and more supermarkets are offering their customers vegan food and vegan restaurants and cookbooks are also booming. To live vegan means to consciously choose to live without consuming animal products.

But not only the absence of meat, eggs, fish and dairy products characterizes a vegan lifestyle. All products that contain animal ingredients are deliberately avoided. This also includes duvets, cosmetics or leather gloves. Everything related to the exploitation of animals.

The reasons for this way of life vary from person to person. Central motives for this form of nutrition usually come from animal and environmental ethics. It is not really difficult to seriously consider this way of life. In times of frightening images from factory farming and reports on the exploitation of workers from the Eastern European countries within the meat industry or meat scandals, one can lose one's appetite.

Vegans can draw attention to the benefits and their motivation for a vegan lifestyle every year on November 1st, on World Vegan Day, and grievances gain access to the consciousness of others.

Essential nutrients are important Whoever decides for this life must definitely make sure that the nutritional plan is varied. Deficiency symptoms can already occur if the diet is too one-sided. In the case of a vegan diet, it is just more difficult to get all the essential nutrients, but unlike in the Middle Ages, people have far more options available to get all the important nutrients. Because the assumption that only those who eat everything healthy and have no symptoms of deficiency has already been refuted.

"Vegans need good nutritional knowledge," says Antje Gahl of the German Nutrition Society. Depending on their diet, they may not consume enough longer-chain fatty acids, which mainly fish feeds the body. There may also be a lack of vitamin D or iodine, because this vitamin is only found in large quantities in animal products. However, there are ways to compensate for this.

Meat consumption = wealth? Meat is generally considered a high quality food that is associated with prosperity. However, there are also health aspects that speak for a vegan diet, explains the doctor Dr. Ernst Walter Heinrich. He does not neglect that vitamin B12 should be added by vegan people. He also believes that children's vegan diets are not only safe, they are necessary. Various scientific studies have shown that meat, fish, eggs, milk and milk products are extremely harmful foods. Despite all the knowledge gained, many people only see the aspect of abstention in this way of life.

In Germany alone, the production of the slaughter volume increased by almost 67 percent from 1997 to 2011, if you look at corresponding surveys by the Federal Statistical Office a little more closely. No matter what motives you choose for a vegan life, it is clear that you should be well informed and ready to deal with the problems. Vegan recipes can be found here, for example. (fr)

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