New study shows: divorces are contagious

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Divorces can be contagious

A long-term study by scientist Rose McDermott from Brown University in the US state of Rhode Island concluded that divorces are highly contagious. The results have now been published in the journal “Social Forces”. The evaluation of the study, which started in 1948, found that if good friends divorced, their own risk of divorce increased by 75 percent. The risk is reduced within the circle of acquaintances, but it is still 33 percent.

Data provided by more than 10,000 people The researcher analyzed the data from more than 10,000 Americans, which were ultimately collected over two generations. The distance between the two friends is irrelevant. Rather, the narrowness of friendship with the divorced couple is important. It also came to light that even the friends of the friends are influenced by the divorce. Even if they don't even know the divorce couple personally.

Children and married couples help to stay together No need to panic, because it has been shown as an antidote that couples with children have a significantly lower risk. It can be summarized that the more children a couple has, the less the need to divorce if acquaintances or friends take this step. There is also another positive aspect to be gained from this study, which also means that enough married couples in the Circle of Friends minimize the risk and thus contribute to a balance.

The phenomenon of “social contagion” has also been observed in other studies and has therefore been known for some time. In the case of changes in the weight of good friends, for example, an influence was also found. It was also observed that when siblings have children, the desire to have children often increases and a short time later offspring is on the way. (fr)

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