Globules: Can Homeopathy Cure?

Globuli - Can Homeopathic Beads Help?

They are no larger than a pinhead, have a round, milky-white appearance and belong to homeopathy or alternative medicine, like the stethoscope to conventional medicine. Globulis serve as a carrier of various active ingredients, which are said to alleviate symptoms of the disease or even cure them.

For a long time, people have been arguing about whether classic homeopathy can really help or whether there is only hot air behind it. Christin Weymayr from Herne, author of the book "The Homeopathy Lie" says: "There is nothing in it except sugar. Unless you believe in ghosts." And that is exactly the point of view of conventional medicine, whose representatives do not have enough scientific facts On the other hand, naturopath Christine Liebing-Gabel, spokeswoman for the Association of Classical Homeopathy Germany in Ulm, considers the treatment methods of homeopathy to be a holistic approach that does not only treat the symptoms or induces pain relief by means of medication. "Classical homeopathy is completely different Thinking system as conventional medicine, "she replies to the critics.

The focus of the treatment is on the person For the naturopath, the focus is on the person. The patient is asked about his pain, how he perceives it, when he appears and whether sleep brings recovery. The first anamnesis can sometimes take two hours, according to the extensive directory of the inventor of classic homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann. The basic assumption is the similarity principle: "Similar things should be healed by similar things"

One remedy for all symptoms "We are circling the complaints more and more, and in the end we can find a homeopathic remedy that fits all symptoms and so is very individual for the patient," explains Liebing-Gabel.

An overdose is practically impossible with homeopathic remedies, explains the naturopath. It does not matter whether 5 balls or 500 are taken. The intake creates a targeted stimulus in the body that stimulates the vitality and self-healing powers. The globules are taken once or twice. Then you wait. Relief usually occurs within a short time. In chronic cases, it takes longer.

Complaints disappear on their own. For the doctoral biologist Weymayer, there are doubts whether the small balls have any effect at all. He points out that most complaints usually go away on their own. "The improvement only coincides with the ingestion of the globules," says the critic. He does not speak of the placebo effect, which initiates an improvement in patients simply by pleasantly moving around.

For Christoph Laurentius, member of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors, it is clear that humans are more than the sum of their cells: "According to the current state of science, we cannot explain why homeopathic medicines work. I experience that they work every day . "

He sees the dilemma in the fact that a lot is summarized under the term homeopathy. Many naturopaths are concerned about the fact that people with a sore throat or stomach ache are given a bottle full of beads by the pharmacies. The chances that there will be no effect are high, because the symptoms are not simply treated.

People with chronic illnesses are among the patients "The clientele that comes to a naturopath are people with chronic illnesses who previously ran from doctor to doctor and did not experience any improvement," explains Liebing-Gabel. The classics often include infections, hay fever, asthma, allergies, migraines, rheumatic complaints, neurodermatitis or high blood pressure.

Globules should not be used as the only means of treating serious illnesses. Rather, they can be used to help alleviate complications from cancer therapy. "I try to strengthen the patient and alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation," says Laurentius.

He is a doctor himself. Ideally, conventional school medicine and homeopathy complement each other and are used in a targeted manner for treatments. What the patient ultimately trusts is still up to him. (fr)

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