PKV increases the contributions from 2014

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Private health insurers will increase their premiums from 2014

As in previous years, many private health insurance companies (PKV) will increase their contribution rates again in 2014. Already in 2013 these increased in the double-digit range for many insured persons. Even if the insured only face slight increases this year, those affected will still have less in their wallets in the end. This could be a problem for many older insured who do not receive an employer grant for their health insurance.

The step into private health care should be carefully considered in view of the increasing contributions in old age, because once you are a member of a private health insurance, it is difficult to switch back to the statutory health insurance system. The accumulated provisions for old age are usually lost and the accumulated capital is then no longer available as a financial cushion for higher costs in old age. Insured persons from the age of 55 can no longer switch back to statutory health insurance due to the fact that the insurance limit is not reached.

The pricing is based on the expenses of the PKV. The pricing of the insured's contributions is largely determined by the expenses of the insured for their care in the event of illness. If the insured take up more medical care, the contributions will also increase accordingly. But what can you do if the premium increases can no longer be financed? In this case, you should first look for alternatives from the current provider. For example, foregoing additional benefits can be a way of cushioning the increase in premiums.

Section 204 of the Insurance Contract Act (VVG) gives insured persons the opportunity to switch to a cheaper tariff with their private health insurer. However, if you are entitled to higher insurance benefits due to the new tariff - for example, instead of the two-bed room in the hospital, the accommodation can be in a single room - the health insurance companies can request a new health check. If it turns out that the insurance risk has increased, a higher premium can also be requested. It is important to take a close look here and not to be lured by any "cheap offers". In the end, as always, the insured pays the bill. (fr)

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