Girls are drinking themselves more and more into a coma

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More girls end up in the clinic

The number of adolescents who had to be hospitalized as a result of the so-called “binge drinking” reached a new record in 2012. There have never been so many cases recorded since data collection began in 2000. It is striking that there has been a significant increase in girls. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 26,673 boys and girls had to be hospitalized in the current year due to a high. This is an increase of 1.2 percent and thus the highest value in 12 years. The five percent increase among young girls and women in particular is cause for concern.

In the boys, however, there was only an increase of 0.8 percent. Three quarters of the girls and young women admitted were still minors. It is three percent more than in 2011. According to the data analysis by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) for the state of Bavaria, more than 2,000 adolescents aged 15-25 years had to be admitted to a clinic in 2012 due to excessive alcohol consumption. Compared to 2009, this is an increase of 10 percent. TK spokeswoman Kathrin Heydebreck explained that emergency services are increasingly taking place at popular festivals and so-called flat rate parties, where young people can drink alcohol for a fixed amount. She sees the drinking habits of mothers and fathers within families as a possible cause of this behavior. "If the father and mother pour the wine down every evening, it is a bad example for the children because they consider alcohol consumption to be something normal." and it gives a completely wrong picture of being an adult. "It used to be said quickly that he just has to sleep off his intoxication." Most children and adolescents only have to be admitted to the clinic in a drinking coma. The health insurance companies have to spend around 1.2 million euros per year for inpatient sobering up.

Positive figures from the 2012 Drug Report should not be overrated. Given the data, one should not overestimate the positive figures in this year's Drugs Report by the Federal Government. In May, she announced that the number of adolescents had decreased and the age at which adolescents first came into contact with alcohol has increased by a few months. Overall, there has been a downward trend in the number of young stoners and drinkers since 2003. However, the experts cannot answer why the group of “binge drinkers” is experiencing a steady increase.

Federal government relies on regional campaigns Federal government efforts, such as restricting sales times for alcohol, see drug experts as a good way to curb excessive drinking among young people. "Such approaches are correct, young people often buy at the gas station at night," said the managing director of the Lower Saxony State Office for Addiction Issues, Manfred Rabes, in Hanover. But that alone is far from enough. More prevention campaigns in cooperation with private providers of youth welfare have to follow in order to deal effectively with the problem. In order to protect children and adolescents in Lower Saxony, we primarily focus on targeted preventive measures that are designed to prevent the risky consumption of alcohol, "said Minister Rundt.

Social workers of the "Halt" project (Hart am Limit) specifically address young people after alcohol poisoning in the hospital and encourage them to take part in group seminars. There are also seminars for young people who have not yet had experience with so-called binge drinking. With the workshop "Party without stress and alcohol", the Hanover region wants to encourage young people to use alcohol responsibly. In addition to the programs, drug experts believe that the structures must also be changed, because Germany has one of the lowest alcohol prices in Europe. (fr)

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