Private insured people should be sick less often?

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Survey: privately insured people feel better

According to a recent survey, privately insured people feel healthier than those insured by law. In addition, the members of the statutory health insurance companies are sick on average three times as long as private patients. However, it may also be the case that privately insured people "feel sick" less often because they fear the premiums could rise.

The advantage of privately insured persons Not only do insured persons seem to have an advantage when it comes to appointments for medical appointments or similar preferential treatment, but they are also less likely to be ill and feel healthier than members of the statutory health insurers. This is at least the result of a previously unpublished representative survey by the polling institute Nielsen, which is available to the "world".

Fewer than half of those insured by law feel comfortable. The survey, which was commissioned by the Federal Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers (BAH), shows that the perceived well-being of members of statutory and private health insurance (PKV) is quite significant. For example, 61 percent of respondents with private health insurance have stated that they are currently feeling fully or at least largely at ease. In contrast, the legally insured are generally less well off. Only 49 percent, not even half, of them felt comfortable at the time of the survey.

Sense of security Surprisingly, the members of the statutory health insurers who have one or more private supplementary insurance policies felt the best. 62 percent of these respondents said they felt completely or at least largely comfortable. "The results undoubtedly make you think," said Lutz Boden, health market expert at BAH, told Die Welt. “Apparently even those who are legally insured feel a bit better in terms of health than people who are only legally insured. That obviously has to do with a feeling of security. "

Private insured satisfied with their own health The results were similar if the participants were asked more specifically about their health. According to this, half of the privately insured are very satisfied or at least satisfied with their own health. The proportion of those with statutory health insurance with private supplementary insurance is just as high. However, only 37 percent of those surveyed who are only legally insured are satisfied with their own health.

Duration of illness, almost three times as long, was apparently actually healthier. The PKV customers had told market researchers that they had been on average so sick for one and a half days in the three months before the survey that they could not have carried out their usual activities. In contrast, the statutory health insurers had an average of just under five days, almost three times as many. The duration of illness among SHI members with supplementary insurance was almost as long.

Do not interpret the results prematurely As Florian Lanz, spokesman for the umbrella organization of statutory health insurers (GKV-SV) told the “Welt”, the results are not surprising: “Analyzes of sick leave regularly show that it is precisely the workers who work the most physically also most often on sick leave and tend to be ill for longer. But especially among these workers, there are many with relatively low incomes who do not have the chance to get private health insurance. "And BAH expert Boden said that one should be careful not to interpret the results prematurely:" The data prove that people who have private health insurance are better off and feel healthier. The question of how private health insurance contributes to the higher perceived well-being cannot be answered clearly by the survey. ”(Sb)

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