Fenugreek reduces Parkinson's symptoms

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Study: Fenugreek helps Parkinson's patients

An Indian team of researchers found that a fenugreek plant extract in combination with Levo-Dopa supplements can improve Parkinson's symptoms.

A total of 50 Parkinson's patients aged 18-70 years participated in the double-blind study and were divided into two groups. They received a fenugreek capsule (300 mg) twice a day or twice a placebo capsule in addition to their Parkinson standard medication Levo-Dopa over a period of six months.

The changes in psychological, motor and everyday factors were documented with the help of a standardized scale for the detection of Parkinson-specific symptoms. After six months, it was found that the fenugreek group had significantly improved the disease-specific symptoms (active group: 0.098% vs. placebo group: 13.36%).

It is important that L-Dopa continues to be taken because the plant extract inhibits the damage to dopaminergic neurons and can therefore delay the progression of the disease. (pm)

Image: Fenugreek young plants Source: Yak, Wikipedia

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