Fewer and fewer abortions

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Federal Statistical Office reports a significant decrease in abortions

The Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden reports a significant decrease in abortions. Almost four percent fewer abortions were recorded in 2013 than in the previous year. This continues the trend that has been observed for years. The causes of this are not apparent from the figures from the Federal Statistical Office, but it can be assumed that significantly fewer unwanted pregnancies occur and more and more women consciously choose to have a child.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, a total of 102,802 abortions were reported in 2013 (106,815 in 2012). The majority of women affected (just under three quarters or 74 percent) were between the ages of 18 and 34 at the time the pregnancy was terminated. Fifteen percent were between the ages of 35 and 39, eight percent were aged 40 or older, and four percent were under the age of 18. The number of abortions among the under 18 year olds "has decreased by 220 compared to 2012 to around 3,600", according to the Federal Statistical Office. Overall, 39 percent of women had no live birth before the termination of pregnancy - it would have been their first child.

Most abortions are done on an outpatient basis The Federal Statistical Office further reports that "96 percent of the reported abortions were carried out according to the counseling scheme", which provides for a detailed informational discussion before the termination. Four percent of abortions had "medical and criminological indications" as the reason for the termination. According to official figures, the most common method used to terminate pregnancy was vacuum aspiration (suction method). It was used in 70 percent of the cases. "Mifegyne® was used in 17 percent," reports the Federal Statistical Office. A large part of the interventions were carried out on an outpatient basis - "around 79 percent in gynecological practices and 18 percent outpatient in the hospital." A rather small proportion of women (seven percent) decided to have the intervention carried out in a state in which they did not lived.

Number of abortions has been declining for years The Federal Statistical Office provides more detailed information on abortions in the pregnancy termination statistics via the GENESIS-Online database. It can also be seen here that the number of abortions at the turn of the millennium was just under 135,000. It can also be seen that the abortion rate - i.e. the number of abortions in relation to the number of women of childbearing age - has decreased significantly in the past ten years. (fp)

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